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The Wins of Change by Thomas LaBaugh

The Wins of Change

by Thomas LaBaugh

108 pages
Proven, practical tools for career success; don't just manage...lead.

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About the Book
"Out of the blue they fired me. Out of the blue!" said a client. Well, not really. Nearly half of the managers who get fired are terminated because of bad behavior. They act and react out of instinct-out of trial and error. Technically they are great, but they don't see that their rough treatment of others is a threat to their career. Most managers don't. They seek a “win-win” philosophy, but research and experience have shown that is not enough. Leaders who want to improve their chance of survival pursue a “win, win, win, win,” philosophy or “The Wins of Change®”.

What are the “The Wins of Change®?” This exciting concept is described in depth while providing a set of tools to allow you to succeed in business as a leader. It succinctly sums up the difference between a manager and a leader and gives the manager the tools to become a leader.

These “tools” were developed through years of working with managers, at all levels, who had lost their jobs because of bad behavior. They are practical, easy to learn and apply, and allow leaders to better control their behavior; to think before they act, and act in a way that assures a positive outcome. How can you work better with the boss? What is the best way to approach a colleague with a problem to both solve it and maintain good relations…every time? We’ll show you.

The Wins of Change® reads more like “Workplace Behavior 101.” The easy-to-learn and remember acronyms, axioms and prescribed behaviors are designed to help all levels of managers become leaders. Said one client, “Using the tools and embracing the principles in ‘The Wins of Change®’ not only saved my job but my marriage as well.” 100% of our clients, who were about to be fired due to bad behavior, saved their jobs when successfully completing our Executive Rescue program which includes “The Wins of Change®.” That’s 100%. In short, the principles work.

This is not a set of pithy motivation slogans, but a composite of practical ways of motivating others, satisfying angry customers, and communicating most effectively. This short read offers a set of tools that will allow you to lead everyday, at work and at home, to increase your productivity, improve relations, and assure a career and life that are more satisfying and successful. The Wins of Change® is designed to take the guesswork out of leadership behavior. It provides practical advice on motivating others, building relationships, and helping individuals and organizations succeed.

As an executive coach and career counselor, author Tom LaBaugh, MBA, Ph.D. provides fresh insight into workplace behavior. This book offers survival skills created from decades of helping managers become more productive and successful. It has saved the careers of CEOs and presidents, administrative assistants, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, and shipping clerks. It might also save your career.


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About the Author
Thomas LaBaugh Dr. Thomas LaBaugh served as an executive coach, team trainer, marketing and management consultant, and college vice president. He has 20 years of career counseling experience and 10 years of working in behavior modification. Tom's BA is from Kenyon College, MBA from Central Michigan University, and Ph.D. from Michigan State.



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