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GRAY LOVE: A Black and White Affair by Maya Seymour

GRAY LOVE: A Black and White Affair

by Maya Seymour

236 pages
Racism, love, and forgiveness ignites a fiery southern romance.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Gray Love is the story of Mathew Stephens, a white judge, and Hannah Collins, a black attorney, who accidentally meet at his private lake and fall deeply in love. Their relationship is complicated as Mathew struggles with his long held beliefs as the grand vizier of the local KKK and his growing love for Hannah, who soon discovers his lies and breaks off their relationship. As Mathew struggles to win back Hannah's affection, his fellow Klan members vow to make both Matthew and Hannah pay for their 'forbidden' love. The manhunt begins and time runs out as Mathew and Hannah race to save her family and make a mad dash for freedom.



About the Author
Maya Seymour Maya Seymour lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with her daughter, Brittney. She is currently a patrol deputy, but still makes writing a major part of her career.



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