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Even the Bushes Talk by Eleanor M. Wilson

Even the Bushes Talk

by Eleanor M. Wilson

209 pages
Divorcee's hits, misses and laughs running an island beach bar

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
Liz Martin is living everyone's dream--running a beach bar on the Caribbean island of St. Simon. Though struggling to stay afloat, this middle-aged divorcee loves the laid-back pace of the island and the ragtag bar regulars who have become her friends.

Now a prestigious hotel chain threatens to build a huge resort next door, spoiling the idyllic setting. A luxury neighbor would surely bring much-needed business for Liz, but nobody wants all those changes to this quiet setting. How can they have the resort and keep their relaxed atmosphere?

Challenged, Liz and friends must save their cherished island life from the encroaching giant, which means going up against the interloper to try for serious changes in the plans.

Hilarious, poignant, uplifting.



About the Author
Eleanor M. Wilson Eleanor M. Wilson has been travel writing professionally for over 20 years. Even the Bushes Talk is her first novel. Her Caribbean connection spans 18 years living in the region and a total of 36 years working there. Her curiosity, experience and humor now translates to her novel.



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