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Minnesota Anthology: A History in Monologues by Jeffrey Tenney

Minnesota Anthology: A History in Monologues

by Jeffrey Tenney

256 pages
A state history told through dramatic monologues

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
This book gives you the opportunity to listen to what the past is saying to you. Those who have gone before are as connected to you as your living family, as your descendants will one day be. Their lives were not that different from yours. And they have a lot to teach.

Listen to the Settler on the southwestern Minnesota prairie, to the Casualty of the Great Hinckley Fire, to the Hobo of the Great Depression, to the POW of WWII. The Miner of iron ore will tell you what his life was like, as will the Suffragette, the Actress, and the Birdwatcher. Many stories lie waiting to be heard in these pages. These stories are the story of Minnesota, and your story as well.


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About the Author
Jeffrey W. Tenney is a thirty-year resident of Minnesota. His education includes Masters degrees in anthropology and public health. He has worked as a mental health researcher and information systems analyst. In addition to Minnesota Anthology, his writing includes the award-winning novel Corps of Discovery and the young adult novel The Crossing Wolves, all drawing on his studies in history, American Indian culture, Buddhism, psychology, and environmental science.



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