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Joy Journal by Irene Banks, Debbie Dunn, Greg Banks, David Banks

Joy Journal

by Irene Banks, Debbie Dunn, Greg Banks, David Banks

99 pages
This journal inspires and guides you to choose joy.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
This unique journal assists you to step deeper into personal reflections. Use as an accompaniment to Finding Joy in Time or use by itself, it can help you clarify and transform the thoughts that keep you from fully engaging in a powerfully positive life.

Joy Journal combines inspiring original short stories, essays, and photography with sensitive topics chosen specifically to enhance the journey toward discovering the feeling of living completely in joy. Each chapter starts with gratitude and gently prompts and perhaps provokes you to uncover inner truths only you know about yourself, your fears, your dreams, and your challenges. This journal is about YOU finding how You take care of yourself, how you spend your time, how you choose a life of joy.

As part of the Sand Matters series of books and journals, Joy Journal is based on the underlying truth that time is all we have. You’ll never get this moment back. Are you living as fully as you’d like to be? Are you as happy as you’d like to be?

If you have time for misery, you have time for joy. There’ll never be as good a time for joy in your life as now.


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About the Author
Irene Banks, Debbie Dunn, Greg Banks, David Banks Irene, Debbie, Greg and David are 4 siblings living ordinary lives as a pediatric physical therapist, a photographer, a computer firewall specialist and a real estate agent. They’re united by love, genetics and a mission: to live passionately, right now, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.



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