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A SINGLE STEP by Terry Oliver


by Terry Oliver

392 pages
Travel adventure novel for seniors and boomers

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
Barney Roper, now in his early 70s, has been on a full-time quest since his retirement seven years ago. It has taken him to the Far East and back and still he remains puzzled as to what he should be doing with this 3rd age of his life.

In A SINGLE STEP he first plunges into volunteering in his local hospice as he pursues his dream of finding meaning and commitment and becomes deeply involved with the patients, with unintended results.

He is called away to help rescue his youngest daughter, Cassie, who goes missing in Guinea, where she works with the child amputees and orphans of the civil wars recently devastating West Africa. His search for her and his encounters with local people from Mauritania to Sierra Leone force him to further explore what he can do at his age with this troubling thorn of a question - how shall a man live?

A SINGLE STEP is the last novel in THE 3RD AGE TRILOGY. In it, Barney Roper and his wife, Alice, struggle with the puzzle of what it means to be an older person in today's fragmented and complicated society where the old rules and mores no longer provide satisfactory answers.


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About the Author
Terry Oliver has been working on THE 3RD AGE TRILOGY For 5 years and A SINGLE STEP is the final book in the trilogy. The other two books are IN HOT PURSUIT and THE BLUE-EYED BOY. He lives on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia.



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