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Cleburne Memorial Cemetery of Johnson County, Texas by Donna Brand

Cleburne Memorial Cemetery of Johnson County, Texas

by Donna Brand

268 pages
Cleburne Memorial Cemetery of Johnson County, Texas has been cataloged. Almost 10,000 individuals are interred here. Resting place of many migrants and immigrants.

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Category: History
About the Book
Cleburne Memorial Cemetery of Johnson County, Texas has been cataloged.

What's inside?

* For the researcher who likes to visit a relative's grave, there is a map of the entire cemetery. Each grave has its own address. Detailed instructions help the researcher find that illusive grave it this massive cemetery.

* A brief history has been drafted. Before records were kept it was known simply as "The City Cemetery" or "The Old Cemetery." The oldest section of this cemetery has many unmarked graves, so its uncertain just when the cemetery began. The oldest "marked" grave is 1859. In the early 1930s it became known as Cleburne Memorial Cemetery.

* Almost 10,000 are interred in this cemetery from all across the country. Many immigrants to Texas settled here. Some birth locations include, but are not limited to, England, Germany, Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Virginia, and Louisiana. Your lost relatives could be here.

In addition there are many women whose maiden names are included in this book. Also some stones show the locations of birth and death, while others show family relationships and military information.

That adds up to a lot of information all packed into 268 pages in an E-Book that can be easily searched from your computer. Print the map to take with you when you visit the cemetery.

This book will be a valuable asset to your genealogy collection. One that you'll use over and over again, and one you'll be proud to give as a gift.


Received the cemetery book last week....thanks! Again, you have done a great job. Seems like I have searched 'hundreds' of cemetery books, but yours are the best that I have seen. Thanks so much
- Jane
I agree 100%, the book was great!!! The format was exactly like the cemetery is laid out and was a wonderful help in finding many relatives. I grew up there and walked that cemetery many times and she made me feel as if I was there again just by reading the book. I can't wait for the Rose Hill Book. My Mom, Grandparents, Great Aunts and Uncles, and some cousins are buried there and although I know where they lay I will cherish the book greatly. I will definitely be on the list for this book.
- Lesley (originally from Cleburne, Texas) now in Batavia, New York.
Everyone--- If Donna's Rose Hill Cemetery book is as wonderful as her Cleburne Memorial Cemetery book is--- well hurry up and place your order!!!!! Donna did a wonderful job on the Cleburne Book, I cannot sing her praises enough. We all owe her tons of thanks for undertaking such a very hard job.
- Hope
Thank you, I received my copy today. I have been having a field day!! It is well done and I have already added several pieces of information to my project. I greatly appreciate your hard work!
- Darlene, Native Texan, in Illinois



About the Author
Donna Brand Retired Insurance Accounting Auditor. Published writer, poet, and news columnists. Numerous newsletters and articles have been written. A grandmother to many, and an avid genealogists with a passion for preserving information about our heritage.



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