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Blind Ambition: A Novel by J.Y. Jones

Blind Ambition: A Novel

by J.Y. Jones

302 pages
Unethical ophthalmologist under demonic control does unnecessary surgery, kills wife.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
Set in a fictional coastal Georgia town, an ophthalmologist in practice for some thirty years faces financial ruin because a young, aggressive eye surgeon has come to town and built a huge, ostentatious clinic. Using massive advertising, a well-trained staff, and a network of cooperative optometrists, the latter surgeon has sucked up all the eye business in the area, and does cataract surgery on everyone his operatives can convince to have the procedure, whether needed or not. The older surgeon finds he canít compete with such forceful tactics and faces the biggest crisis of his life.

Every facet of the younger surgeonís practice is designed to make money, regardless of whether a service is needed or not. He exhibits strong superstition and pattern behavior as a manifestation of demonic control over his life. He also is a womanizer and an avid sailor, and uses his personal sailboat as the means to take a succession of women, most of them associated with his practice, on weekend outings. An unhappy patient with a poor surgical outcome creates an environment that spawns a lawsuit by the younger surgeon against the older one. This concurrently gives the younger surgeon an idea to eliminate his unwanted wife, whom he has been unwilling to divorce because it would split his considerable assets and hamper his lofty financial goals. Dealings with a drug lord lead to a massive influx of money for the unethical doctor, as he uses his sailboat to transfer drugs from a ship offshore to the mainland, where he has good connections to law enforcement that keep him safely from scrutiny.

Woven into the plot behind the scenes is an ongoing battle between good and evil, personified by the activities of numerous angels and demons.

A long-time ophthalmologist faces financial ruin because a new eye surgeon has built an ostentatious clinic and uses unethical tactics, doing surgery on everyone his operatives can convince to have it. Behind the scenes is an ongoing battle between good and evil, personified by the activities of angels and demons.


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About the Author
J.Y. Jones is a board certified eye physician and surgeon who has practiced in his home state of Georgia since 1976. An avid hunter, fisherman, writer, and mountaineer, he has authored more than 350 outdoor articles and adds to this total monthly. This is his eleventh book with another in press and one more nearing completion. He is a graduate of North Georgia College and the Medical College of Georgia and is a decorated Vietnam veteran. He has received awards for both writing and photography.

J.Y. has been married to his wife, Linda, since 1964. J.Y. is a dedicated evangelical Christian who has traveled overseas some 25 times to do eye surgery for disadvantaged people in Honduras and Jamaica. He is fluent in Spanish and conversational in Russian, and is a frequent speaker at sportsmenís gatherings, particularly church wild game suppers and similar events.



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