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Double Decker Bus by Kerry Stott

Double Decker Bus

by Kerry Stott

114 pages
One woman's adventures with cancer

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Category: Health:Medicine:Cancer
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About the Book
Overnight, in 2007, Kerry Stott went from being a writer, student nurse, mother and wife to being a cancer patient. Kerry believes that there is more to life than a diagnosis; she has an observant eye and the knack for teasing out the absurdities in the human behaviour she sees around her. Some people survive cancer through gritted teeth but Kerry did it in her own style which is quirky, unique and with a slightly warped sense of humour. She expertly blends humour into her observations which enable the reader to examine, without fear, the very serious subject of breast cancer. There is more laughter than tears in this humorous and compelling account of one woman’s adventures with cancer.



About the Author
Kerry Stott is a mental health nurse; she qualified after she received her diagnosis of cancer, and works in the community with people who suffer with mood disorders.



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