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Leadership Lessons...Proven on the Front Line by Beverly Fortenberry

Leadership Lessons...Proven on the Front Line

by Beverly Fortenberry

134 pages
58 real life leadership vignettes that demonstrate critical management behaviors impacting effectiveness

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Category: Business:Management
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About the Book
Behavior is what is believable. It isn't what leaders say, but what they do that builds trust and motivates teams. This is proven every day in the business world. So, how does someone improve their own set of leadership and management behaviors? One of the quickest ways is to 'borrow' from the behaviors that worked or didn't work for other leaders and managers.

By including the behavioral experiences of others, we improve the confidence and speed of our daily decision making because we have a larger base of experience to draw upon. The more experiences we have, the easier and even quicker we can be at making decisions. Since we can't experience everything ourselves, the only way to add to our base is learning from others.

Leadership Lessons...Proven on the Front Line, is an entertaining guide that takes the reader through 58 real life behavioral vignettes, showing leaders at their best and their worst! At the end of each vignette is a list of application questions that allows the reader to pause and reflect on how that particular experience might apply to them and their world of work.

Whether a beginning manager or someone on the fast track, here are some of the indispensable leadership and management behaviors you need to be able to call upon.


"Leadership Lessons...Proven on the Front Line offers a wealth of Who, What, Where, When and How examples for dealing with management and leadership situations. Author Bev Fortenberry's extensive experience as one of the nation's most admired corporate training directors, as well as a top management consultant, eminently qualifies her as the 'go to' person for resolving leadership issues. If you want to be a more effective manager or leader, do yourself a favor-buy this book. If you want to develop your staff, do them and you a real service, buy each a book. It may be the best personal and professional investment you ever made."
- Ed Morler, MBA, PhD
"The book is just packed full of really useful, practical lessons for any leader. From the new to the most experienced there are great tools for all to use to be better at their job. I have picked out a couple to begin using next week and I know I will use more as the weeks go by."
- Mark Walley, Executive Director UK, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors



About the Author
In the 35 years Beverly Fortenberry has worked with organizations, primarily within the financial services industry, she has held positions in training and organizational change. For the past 15 years she has specialized in human behavioral change for organizations in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.



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