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Antidote to Apocalypse by Joan Lanahan Schira

Antidote to Apocalypse

by Joan Lanahan Schira

225 pages
Historical facts showing the Second Coming already occurred in 70AD.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
About the Book
This book is a clarification of the confounding inconsistencies found in the Bible. It quotes promises of Jesus and His followers, concerning the second Coming of the Messiah.

Arguments are presented which conclude that Messiah has already returned. It shows that the faithful inherited the promises given to them in the Old and New Testament, for an Era of Peace, Blessing and Righteousness in the Land of Milk and Honey. Furthermore, it presents the actuality of New Jerusalem, when the faithful were delivered from the shackles of the Law of Moses, at the destruction of the Third and Last Temple in 70AD. Indeed, inconsistencies are transformed into logical and reasonable statements of fact.

The book shows that the guilt for the destruction of the Holy City lies at the feet of the First Century Jews, themselves.

Evidence is gathered from the Histories written by Josephus, Tacitus and Suetonius, as well as the Bible itself.

There are thirty two chapters, Preface, Introduction, Conclusion, Bibliography and an extensive Index.


A very scholarly, well researched exposure of the real meaning of the scriptures, eliminating much of the esoteric meanings in the obscure, ambiguous and seemingly contradictory passages and enlightening us as to the meaning of terms in use at that time. By paralleling the recorded history of the times and the written word of the gospels we are ably guided to concur with the author that the apocalypse is a fait accompli. The bible and gospels should be understood not with the modern accepted meaning of the word but that of the meaning in use at the time of the writing. A fascinating, well written, book that is sure to captivate your attention. Highly recommended to searchers of the truth whether you be a bible reader or not.
- Louis H. Lafontaine, Eng.
A penetrating insight, examining the biblical contents within the timeframe in which they were written. The author's opinion is thoughtfully presented and substantiated by meticulous research. A recommended challenge is presented to all, especially biblical enthusiasts.
- Dolores Lavell, wife of Lt. General Harry Lavell, deceased
If you, like many others, have been confused by conflicting and illogical interpretations of biblical "end times", this is the book for you. Based on years of research into the bible and historical records of the time, the author presents a logically reasoned argument to banish doomsday fears. Antidote to Apocalypse can not fail to give you new insights into this material.
- William A Kerr, Cornell University, Recruitment staff



About the Author
Joan Lanahan Schira Joan Schira resides in Gig Harbor, WA. She has been published in France and has had a number of poems published in magazines, newspapers and anthologies in the United States. Researching has taken her to Israel a number of times, as well as Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, India, Thailand, Nepal, China, Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean Islands.



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