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Kindred Lives by Wendy Hurley Smith

Kindred Lives

by Wendy Hurley Smith

300 pages
Mercy or murder: sisters seek answer to suspicious family death.

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About the Book
Is it mercy or murder? Sisters Naomi and Louise try solving the mystery of their grandmotherís death. They have found evidence that Granís life may have been cut short for financial gain. It soon becomes evident that this is a family entwined by guilt. All of Granís children fall suspect to their probing: was it the bold Edna, the shy Violet, the dependable May or the reclusive Bill. Motives pile up as the sisters back track to the place of their birth: Spruce Creek, a logging community in British Columbia. They find their relatives have fanned out from the forests of British Columbia to Oregon, Arizona and Europe. Chasing clues, the sisters leave the comfort of their Oregon homes to find the answers they seek.

While Naomi, her Granís favorite, feels compelled to solve the mystery, she is sidetracked when a new love enters her life. She is recently divorced and struggles with deciding if she is ready for a new commitment. He seems so perfect. That is until Naomi discovers he has a mystery of his own.

Told in the voices of the characters involved, Kindred Lives makes us privy to their deepest emotions: the love, hate, anger, humor, lust, pride, humility and compassion that binds this family through three generations.



About the Author
Wendy Hurley Smith Wendy Hurley Smith is a British author living in Oregon. She is a freelance writer and the former editor of a suburban newspaper. Her work has appeared in magazines and newspapers. Kindred Lives is her first novel.



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