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Red With Rage by Michael Vieira

Red With Rage

by Michael Vieira

222 pages
Red With Rage is the second mystery in the Steve Armstrong series.

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Category: Fiction:Gay
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About the Book
Steve Armstrong and his lover, former detective Josh Walsh, and their best friend Katherine Bishop, incensed by the murders of several gay men in town and the clear apathy on the part of local law enforcement, ponder a course of action.

It is only a matter of weeks before the Pride celebration in Atlanta. Pride weekend usually draws several hundred thousand people to the city.

Steve, always the activist for gay rights, pulls his friends into the fray. He wants the killer found. One of the victims was a friend and former coworker. Local law enforcement has asked for cooperation from the local gay community. The police have not previously kept a good rapport with the gays in the city.

The decision is finally unanimous to aid in the search, as the police have requested.



About the Author
Michael Vieira is a former 30-year resident of Atlanta, Georgia. He has worked as a medical reviewer for one of the country's largest insurance companies. Vieira received his B.S. from Georgia State University. He is a member of The Publishing Triangle and the National Writers Association.



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