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THE KEYS TO HEALING:  A Handbook for Miracles by Etty Blaney

THE KEYS TO HEALING: A Handbook for Miracles

by Etty Blaney

170 pages
Need healing? A miracle? This is the book for you!

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
It is time to focus your faith in a loving, able, and willing God. If you've ever needed a healing miracle and didn't know how to receive one from God; if you have suffered from sickness or disability and you don't know how to pray, this is the book for you.

Scriptural to its core, revolutionary in its approach, THE KEYS TO HEALING: A Handbook for Miracles has been developed to help teach you from God's Word how to pray for yourself and for others and how to believe for and receive answers to your prayers.

After teaching God's Word for more than thirty years and after sitting under the ministry of some of the greatest Bible teachers of this modern era, Etty Blaney still wondered why some people received healings when they were prayed for and others were left sick, disabled, or died prematurely. So, she asked God to tell her what the key to healing was. This book is the result of what she learned from God and His Word.

This is a fascinating, easy-read book that you will want to keep in your personal or ministry reference library for many years to come. Written for lay-persons and ministers alike, this is a book that you will tenaciously hang onto forever, but you'll want to give a copy of it to every sick and dying person that you know. Filled with testimonies of healings and miracles, the profound truths Etty discovered will give you hope.



About the Author
Etty Blaney is the former host of "I Believe", a weekly cable television show that ran for nine years. She was the editor of Liberty Letter and has published a number of articles and poems. She is daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of preachers. Great-grandpa was a circuit rider.



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