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NEVER REGRET TOMORROW - The Omega Chronicles - Book I by G. Paul Grondin

NEVER REGRET TOMORROW - The Omega Chronicles - Book I

by G. Paul Grondin

330 pages
A high adrenalin sci-fi action adventure with strong female lead.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
When Dr. Sydney Caldwell discovers a new and powerful green energy called orgon, friends and associates team up with terrorists to steal her secrets and equipment so they can use it to dominate the world. Gryphon, Captain of the Galactic Rangers, arrives on Earth to help Sydney and her assistant, Jonathan. If not controlled properly, orgon could destroy the planet. Never Regret Tomorrow propels you across Russia, U.S.A., Canada, the Bahamas and England on an action-packed, high-adrenalin Sci-Fi action/adventure.

When one of Sydney’s experimental sites in the Montana wilderness is attacked and annihilated Jonathan is mortally wounded but Gryphon uses otherworldly medical science to save his life. Now the gloves come off! Betrayed and befriended, Sydney faces the enemy, while attempting to save her discoveries for the good of Earth and to thwart those who with greed and malice demonstrate their willingness to kidnap, murder and destroy anyone who stands in their way.

Since the enemy does not understand how to fully control orgon their ignorance sets a course that could create chaos and horror on Earth. Sydney, Jonathan and Gryphon encounter loss, injury, discovery and love as they adapt and learn that nothing ever goes as planned. The super-tech science and otherworldly technologies must be controlled and mastered with a kaleidoscope of possibilities for the earth’s healthy future. Ultimately, Dr. Sydney Caldwell must confront and control the potential destructive forces of her own discoveries. And the journey will continue...



About the Author
G. Paul Grondin is a sci-fi/action author who answers the question: What would have if Star Wars came to earth? Currently, he is writing his second book in The Omega Chronicles series to answer this question. Paul resides in Canada across from Michigan and Ohio.



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