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Play, Play, Play: Games You Never Played Before Because I Just Made Them Up by Darin Phillips, PhD CPT

Play, Play, Play: Games You Never Played Before Because I Just Made Them Up

by Darin Phillips, PhD CPT

34 pages
Really fun yet unusual games can be found in Darin Phillips' second edition of 'Play, Play, Play: Games you never played before because I just made them up'. This collection of activities created by one of the world's top trainers and facilitators of interpersonal and team skills comes straight from his presentations at two international conferences. Whether you are a Scout leader, a performance consultant, or a teacher with time to kill, this book is a valuable resource for managing those groups that have already done it all.

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About the Book

You really haven't seen these games before. This collection of activities created by one of the world's leading trainers and facilitators is chock full of fun and a few lessons about teamwork and problem solving.

Everyone should own a book that is 'dedicated to every child who builds forts out of blankets, especially while it is raining outside'. With activities such as All Tied Up, Hold the Anchovies, Elephant Trunks, and Shoot the Boss, this book is worth a look even if you will never train or facilitate a group during this lifetime.

For those people involved in teaching, training, consulting, youth groups, camps, meeting facilitation, ministry, and general group mayhem, this book is a welcome relief from the scores of activity guides that re-hash the same old material. This collection of 18 original activities will provide even the most experienced and well-read group leader with at least 16 exercises that no one in your group has ever seen before! (Just to be safe we say "16" because someone might have been in a previous group being led by one of the other owners of this book.)

Every activity is written in a concise format that covers the equipment required, guidelines for presentation, discussion topics for after the experience, and variations that may work better for your particular group.

Never hear these words again, "I have already done this activity..." At least not until you repeat these activities and all of their variations. That will take quite a while...



About the Author
Darin Ulmer is so peculiar that many people wonder how he ever found a woman that would help him bring a child into the world. And then they feel pity for the child, especially when they see how similar Garret is to his outrageous and gregarious father.
Darin and his family live in Spring, Texas just north of Houston. They keep three big snakes well fed and a garage full of random things that soon turn into games. Darin is constantly applying new knowledge to old game concepts to create unique and fun interventions for his corporate and event-based clients. Whether remote-controlled robots are battling it out in a teambuilding conference session or leadership development students are running through the central American jungles trying to catch a specific species of butterfly to learn about problem-solving, Darin is doing what we all want to do for a living- he is playing. He always says, "If you are not enjoying what you are doing, HA HA!!!"



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