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Angels: Good and Evil by Aaron Cox

Angels: Good and Evil

by Aaron Cox

130 pages
What the Bible reveals about Angels and Demons

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
This book clearly demonstrates the reality of angels and demons using the Bible which is God's Word. Angels: Good and Evil also shows that these wondrously created beings are also keenly interested and active in the affairs of people living on earth.

In this book we learn that angels are more than God's "messengers" for they possess great strenght, vast amount of knowledge and are completely devoted to their Creator.

Devils (or demons) are fallen angels and are active on earth. While they were once part of the angelic host in heaven, their goals now include corrupting and deceiving mankind and thwarting the goals God has for humanity.

This 120 page book addresses these issues and much more. Topics such as the origin of angels and demons are discussed as well as their special powers and abilities.

Some of the topics disussed include are 1)origin and number of Angels, 2)the Armor of God, Angels that are bound and those that are unbound, 3) How angels are involved with people, 4) Angels are involved with Jesus, 5) Demon possession and much more.

Because this book relies heavily on the Bible for its source of information, dozens of refrernces are used from both Testaments. One chapter lists the various qualities and recorded activities of angels referring to more than sixty verses.

Also we find in Angels: Good and Evil what demons are and some of their abilities and unholy goals are for mankind. Issues discussed include: Are demons responsible for UFO alien encounters? Are demons responsible for poltergiest activity? Can people today become demon possessed? These and other timely and fascinating questions are explored and what the Bible says is simply astonishing!



About the Author
Wyatt has a B.A. degree in Theology and has been interested in angelology and paranormal phenomena for several years. He is convinced that fallen angels (demons) are responsible for much of the paranormal phenomena which included UFO related alien encounters.

Wyatt currently lives in Anderson, South Carolina and is an active member at Harvest Baptist Church.



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