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Odd, Strange and Curious by Kerry Burns and Lindsey Appell

Odd, Strange and Curious

by Kerry Burns and Lindsey Appell

200 pages
Short stories in which characters cope with non normal events.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
This is a collection of twelve alternative fiction short stories in which the characters are challenged to cope with environments and situations that are beyond their understanding. Some of the problems are deadly, and some are confusing problems to be solved, and some are both.

Two of the stories are flash fiction which leaves the reader to understand the hinted at implications. Two of the stories are contest stories based on an initial theme but go in quite different directions.

In most of the stories, the lead characters find that he/she is not in control of their lives. Some power, somewhere, is interfering with their rational expectations. There isn't always a solution.

Half of the stories have some kind of a love theme, but not quite what the reader might expect.



About the Author
Kerry Burns and Lindsey Appell Kerry is retired from several professions including Political
Science professor and mental health counselor. He is living on his ranch with his wife Betty and his wood stove. He has always been interested in exploring alternative social situations.
Lindsey is a university student majoring in writing and literature.



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