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Writing Historical Fiction: Advice for the Digital Age by Marilyn Weymouth Seguin

Writing Historical Fiction: Advice for the Digital Age

by Marilyn Weymouth Seguin

31 pages
Research, write, publish and promote historical fiction using digital tools.

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About the Book
Writing anything in the digital age can be a challengeónot because of the computer itself, but because of to what it connects us. Remember, the Internet didnít even exist until 1988. Think about it! There were no such things as wikis, blogs, or search engines to connect us to the information we were seeking. There were no social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter to connect us to other folks from whom we might learn.

Marilyn Weymouth Seguinís book, Writing Historical Fiction: Advice for the Digital Age, offers a multitude of tips for using Internet tools and resources for researching, drafting, writing, revising, publishing and promoting your work of historical fiction, or any other genre in which you write. This book will be of interest to readers of historical fiction as well. Topics include:

* How to do research without even leaving home, including getting access to primary source material such as letters, diaries and photographs.
* How to find and connect to people who have the answers to your questions through blogs, social networks and email.
* How to access resources that help improve your writing at all stages, including mind-mapping tools, spelling and grammar checks, and readability tools.
* How to publish instantly in electronic, audio, video and/or print formats.
* How to promote your work and connect with your readers through blogs, websites and social media.

Writing Historical Fiction: Advice for the Digital Age includes an introduction and nine chapters of links to web resources and Internet tools, most of them free to use. Technology tips are interspersed throughout the chapters.



About the Author
Marilyn Weymouth Seguin is the author of 15 books, mostly historical fiction. She teaches in the Writing Program at Kent State University. When she is not coaching student writers, she is busily crafting another story. Marilyn lives with her husband in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and Gray, Maine.



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