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TOUCHSTONE by William Walling


by William Walling

208 pages
Innovative Dysart Technologies battles the petroleum cartel over energy usage.

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
A more immediate threat than climate change, the mid-21st century energy dilemma inspires reclusive trillionaire Lyman Dysart, called “The Stockholder” by his privately owned company’s employees, to finance the research and development of humanity’s ultimate energy panacea: controlled nuclear fusion.

Plasma constituents of the patented “Omega Pinch” fusion process are plentiful deuterium, or "heavy hydrogen," and an ultra-scarce, fusible helium isotope found in quantity only on the Moon, which necessitates expensively strip-mining helium-three rom the lunar regolith.

Semi-panic ensues in the minds and wallets of the OPEC/conventional energy cartel led by Vonex Chairman Belkin Reichert, who brandishes the power of his international conglomerate, plus behind-the-scenes political influence to suborn fusion’s advent by promoting solar energy, and eventually nationalization of the newborn industry.

The battle of wills and tactics climaxes when Dysart attempts to defeat nationalization by holding hostage his lunar mining venture, while his nuclear fusion propaganda campaign captures the public imagination with a describtion of the innovative system as . . .

A plasma containment shell surrounded by huge cables, monstrous electromagnets and sophisticated ancillary equipments, at its heart a dervish of semi-vacuum burning so furiously that it emulates temperatures reigning at the center of the Sun, yet gives forth no light, yet presumes to light the world in a beneficent, utopian glow.


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About the Author
Born at an early age of mixed parents, and man and a woman, my early childhood was a disaster; my imaginary playmate would have nothing to do with me, although I thought he was the greatest. Since then it's been all downhill.

Seriously, during and after an extensive engineering career, I took up writing speculative fiction as something between an avocation and a hobby, with small success. America has been trivialized to a point where few individuals are interested in serious topics.




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