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Willoughby by Suzanne Elliott


by Suzanne Elliott

285 pages
Exciting, dynamic intrigue at its best with a romance connection.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book

One of the definitions from Readers Digest Word Finder describes fear as an unpleasant emotion caused by exposure to danger and expectation of pain. Flight attendant Elizabeth Gibbs takes it one step further...she is freakin' scared!

She was taken by complete surprise when attacked by a causal acquaintance. She fought him off and summoned help. The attacker was long gone when medics arrived and tended to her cuts and bruises. Police took down his name and description.

Elizabeth awakes nightly in a sweat, yet feels chilled to the bone. She shudders at the memory of him grabbing her breasts. She hears noises throughout the night. Floor boards creak and she finds her front door slightly open even though she checks it before going to bed. She begins to question her sanity. She is plagued by prank calls. She changes her number, but the calls continue. She wonders whether the next call will be heavy breathing or a deafening whistle in her ear. She can't decide if they're wrong numbers or planned scare tactics.

She inherits a boat from her deceased uncle. She makes plans to go to the marina and prepare the boat for sale acknowledging the need to get away. She has the feeling she is being observed in her own home. The walls seem to expel an evil presence. She sighs and wipes away a tear.

She arrives at the marina and the calls continue. Elizabeth has her pride. She isn't about to show fear, but inside she is being torn apart.

She learns her handsome slip neighbor is a detective on vacation. She is strongly attracted to him. Still, she doesn't mention the calls. It isn't until she gets a death threat that she caves. Fear overwhelming her, she explains everything to Lance and he vows to protect her and a bond is created between them.

Elizabeth didn't think the fear could possibly escalate anymore, but it did. Her best friend, Pam is murdered when she goes to Elizabeth's condo to water the plants. Elizabeth feels the burden of her friend's death.

She and Lance go to Dallas for Pam's funeral. The suspect materializes and Elizabeth suffers another attempt on her life.

A week or two later, Elizabeth looks from the bridge of Willoughby and sees smoke coming from Lance's boat. She hurries to find him. Lance grabs a boat hook and races to push his boat from his slip out to open water. The boat drifts to the middle of the river and explodes. Lance watches the fire consume the cabin cruiser, thankful the other boats are in the clear. Behind him, he hears a muffled scream and turns to see the attacker on Elizabeth's boat deck holding a knife to her neck! Lance orders him to let her go. The attacker laughs and squeezes the blade across her pulsing jugular. He raises the knife for the kill...

Is Lance able to save Elizabeth or is that the tragic end to the story? A must read!



About the Author
Suzanne Elliott Sue graduated from Christian College for Women, Columbia, Missouri. She spent the next twenty-two years as an Officer's wife and mother to four children. She wrote for various publications and introduced her first book, New Account Murders in 2007. Willoughby is a heart warming story of love and intrigue.



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