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Susta by Pierre Renaldo


by Pierre Renaldo

142 pages
A deadly rivalry of one.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
Envy, jealousy, rage, deception and betrayal, all the ingredients of an explosive revelation that leads to murder, devastating a young bride who finds herself alone in her marriage bed on her wedding night and every night for six months thereafter.
Based on real life events.

Susta is a pronunciation of the word sister, peculiar to speaking accents in some parts of the deep south. It is also considered by some to be a slur or insult when used in reference to one’s own sibling, obviously held in bitter contempt by the person(s) using that expression. This story is about such a litigious relationship between sisters, one occupied in bitter competition with the other who is above engagement in such a rivalry and feels none of the bitterness or extreme dislike the perpetrator dwells within for a lifetime. The discontent brings about events that end badly for an envious and hateful exhibitionist, a promiscuous female who is consumed by the brutality and revenge she inflicts on the one time love of her life.

Sibling rivalries could probably be traced back to the beginning of man if records had been kept or history had been recorded when the cave dwellers ranged the earth. Simply defined it means nothing more than competition. We all have been in or are in competition with someone or something at some time in our lives, unwittingly, or intentionally, so rivalry or competition in itself is nothing unusual.

But let us apply the word to a more precise situation, perhaps competition that becomes an obsession between say, brothers or sisters. Depending on what the battle entails and the outcome or condition that prevails from such deeds, the actions of rivals can result in anything from winning a sporting event to prevailing in a life and death struggle. So the simple definition seems to only slightly brush the implications of a lifelong labor to win favor with one or both parents, a teacher, a coach, or a friend, and in extreme situations a challenge with lethal consequences.

There is another scenario that can occur when one of the participants is not willing or interested in opposing, thereby changing the equation to jealous hatred of the unbiased party. Such indifference can cause greater frustration and animosity on the part of the combatant who cannot exasperate his or her sibling into contention. Such disappointment can bring forth aggressions that result in great collateral damage, involving unsuspecting innocents, coincidental unfortunates and those who act hastily. So begins the tale of the rivalry of one.



About the Author
Pierre Renaldo has written several books and magazine/ newspaper articles on construction related subjects,including two award winning titles, Felix Prince of Cats & How to Avoid the Pitfalls Building Your Dreamhome. He is retired and lives in South Carolina.



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