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THE CHRYSALIS BOOK I: The Fall of the Seraphim by Jerry Velazquez

THE CHRYSALIS BOOK I: The Fall of the Seraphim

by Jerry Velazquez

238 pages
War between Heaven, Hell, and man over a powerful artifact.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Frank Tolliver is a loyal servant of Lucifer who excels in persuading mortals to surrender their immortals souls for a price, and as he has learned, everyone has a price. Tolliverís world is thrown in disarray when he is tasked with attempting to persuade Michael, the Archangel and right hand of God, to betray all that he knows and turn over a powerful artifact to Lucifer. Unbeknownst to Tolliver, a horde of demons under the command of a usurper, Belial, as well as the forces of heaven itself are racing to acquire the same artifact while leaving a swath of destruction in their wake from all those who stand in their way.

The conflict forces Tolliver to come face to face with his beliefs, loyalties, and perverse morality at the same time that he struggles to complete a seemingly impossible task in a journey that leads him from the streets of Miami to the depths of hell.



About the Author
Jerry Velazquez Jerry Velazquez lives with his family in Miami, Florida where he was born, raised and formerly practiced law. He now devotes his time to his writing as well as other projects.



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