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Facilitating Corporate Solutions by Darin Phillips, PhD CPT

Facilitating Corporate Solutions

by Darin Phillips, PhD CPT

47 pages
Darin Phillips' Facilitating Corporate Solutions bring the fun back into the training room. Corporate trainers will delight in the twelve scripted activities for teaching soft skills such as customer service, communication, leadership, teamwork, and problem solving. Rated by several online training resources as a must for any training bookshelf, this work is filled with classic collaborative exercises and creative ideas.

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About the Book
Twelve excellent training activities scripted by a master facilitator for classes on communication, leadership, customer service, teamwork, problem solving, and performance improvement. This is a must-buy for all trainers and presenters!
Adults learn best when the trainer values the information already present in the student's head. With soft skills, this is particularly true. Most classes redundantly repeat what your grandmother and mom already told you.

During the ten years Darin Ulmer spent as a counselor prior to joining the ranks of the world's consultants and trainers, he learned that people value their own solutions. When someone uses 'your' solution it will not work and you are the one to blame. If someone uses 'their' solution they own the outcome and will make sure the idea works.

These twelve classic therapeutic activities are meant to be facilitated, not trained. This allows the learner to define the outcomes, but by their very nature, the outcomes are guided by the trainer's presentation and questions. This model facilitates ownership and buy-in by your trainees.

The exercises that you will find in Facilitating Corporate Solutions have been modified and scripted to meet the needs of corporate groups. These presentations have been utilized by the author over 500 times each. The scripts should be modified to fit your preferred presentation style and the industry of your client group. The limits of these activities are truly controlled only by the creativity of you, the facilitator.



About the Author
Darin Phillips, PhD CPT

Darin Ulmer spent ten years counseling youth and families in Montgomery County, Texas before turning to a life of corporate training. Many of the critical skills required to put together an effective group counseling program turned out to be the same skills that led to effective training classes. This book brings together the lessons from both worlds and will help the subject matter expert create effective lessons as much as it will help the person that replaced Darin and must now facilitate the 12-week program for 6th grade boys that make up the Activities section of this book.



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