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Crazy Golf Games by Letta Meinen

Crazy Golf Games

by Letta Meinen

98 pages
This book offers different fun golf games for golfing groups.

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Category: Sports
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About the Book
This book Crazy Golf Games is a list of games you can play while you play golf. Many women’s golf groups are interested in adding variety to their game with tournaments, scrambles, plus themes to these events. With my web site as a golf editor I wrote about many crazy games for the past five years. After many requests for ideas for golf games I decided to put these games in a book. I asked my readers to send me any of their successful events with pictures so was happy to include these in the book.

I have observed and participated in many crazy games. I have had my share of good games and winnings but have come to appreciate the new golfer and high handicappers. They struggle with their game but love to play. We all can’t be a star golfer so for this reason I am publishing this book “Crazy Golf Games” to make the game more fun and handicaps make it even for everyone.

The average golfer can never expect to reach the low digit handicap so to keep the interest of all golfers we accept crazy golf games to spice things up. It is not always the favorite of the low handicap players because they love the gross scoring and competition which suits their playing ability. If you want a functioning golf association, you will have to include some crazy golf games or you will lose membership. Winning isn’t everything: just playing this game on a beautiful sunny day with friends is something to live for.

Relax and enjoy Crazy Golf Games and dream up some games of your own.


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About the Author
Letta Meinen lives on the Mill Creek Golf Club and has been very active in golf for over 55 years. She has written about golf as a Golf Editor for the past five years. At 85 years old she is still playing golf several times a week.



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