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7 Miracle Leaves by Larry Fowler

7 Miracle Leaves

by Larry Fowler

280 pages
7 Miracle Leaves, an adventure describing Heaven and the afterlife.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
"For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind." Isaiah 65:17.

Alex, the main character is the son of a church evangelist. One night while sleeping, Alex sees four lights in the sky which foretells of four visions to come. The events foretold in the visions take place. Alex's fourth vision is a vision of life after death on the New Earth. Through a supernatural phenomenon, Alex physically arrives on the New Earth and his adventure begins.

During Alex's adventures on the New Earth, he meets good angels, evil angels, cherubs, and people that have died on Earth and are now living on the New Earth. Alex encounters evil angels that deceive him and threaten him with physical harm. He learns about the harmony with nature that exists on the New Earth and witnesses the physical attributes of the New Earth; the countryside, the inhabitants and their lifestyles, the emotions of the people, and the advanced technology used there.

The book presents that after death there is a Heaven and a New Earth. Heaven is a spiritual realm in the fourth dimension. People live on the New Earth, mentioned in Bible scriptures, which is located in another universe.

While on the New Earth, Alex meets Azriel, a messenger from God. Azriel gives Alex a mission to complete which consists of a journey to the Holy City where Alex will meet a Cherub who guards the Holy City's central eastern gate. This Cherub gives Alex 7 miracle leaves which come from the Tree of Life. He instructs Alex to return to Earth with the 7 miracle leaves and take them to a prophet named Venatici. Once Venatici has the 7 miracle leaves in his possession, he will have the power to foretell of cataclysmic events and perform great miracles. Upon observing this power and the results of it, many people will believe in Venatici's prophecies.

Alex learns from Azriel how Bible prophecy has described future events; events that science has recently provided proof of their accuracies. One of the many Bible prophesies foretells that the heavens and the Earth will be rolled up like a scroll, indicating that our universe is flat, and the Earth and heavens will be destroyed by a fervent heat. We learn that recently scientists have proven that the universe is flat, and predict the destruction of Earth and the universe by fire.

Alex meets Paetra who has been transfigured and is living on the New Earth. Paetra explains their advanced means of transportation, their futuristic clothing, and their lifestyles. Alex encounters an angel, Centaurus, who not only answers Alex's many questions, but performs miraculous demonstrations illustrating the 4th dimension.

This powerful story offers the reassurance of the promise of an afterlife.



About the Author
Larry Fowler Larry Fowler was born in Annapolis, Maryland and is the son of a retired minister. Larry is a graduate of Missouri University of Science and Technology and holds a B.S. degree in Engineering Management. He has been a Management Consultant for Fortune 500 Companies for over 20 years.



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