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For Love...and Other Considerations by C.J. Gilmore

For Love...and Other Considerations

by C.J. Gilmore

770 pages
An autobiography of one man's pursuit toward enlightenment.

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Category: Biography
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About the Book
This is the story of how a boy born sixty-three years ago became the man I am today. The book was originally conceived in 1980, and other than the partially completed outline, has waited thirty years to be writing worthy.

It is a record of the events, exposures, feelings, happenings, milestones, observations and moments experienced that impacted and shaped my life. It is an ordinary life of an ordinary man as only I know and perceive it. It is a chronicle of my time, a diary that was written in my mind over six decades of fumbling and growing the fabric of my being. A life with a million questions and concerns that for the most part remain unanswered and unresolved. Nevertheless, the quest continues toward enlightenment. This tome contains more than a hundred vignettes on my road of discovery.

I have worked as a paperboy, editor, disc jockey, truck driver, warehouseman, mover, box packer, cashier, bookseller, record retailer, radio announcer, teacher, policeman, private investigator, restaurateur, bartender, cook, night club owner, hospitality consultant, real estate location analyst, pub and restaurant manager, cabinetmaker, carpenter, painter, architectural draftsman, commercial kitchen and restaurant designer, project manager, builder, general contractor and a real estate design/build specialist.

I have intensely studied accounting, building materials, business ethics, civil rights, comedy, criminology, cultural diversity, drugs, economics, food chemistry, geography, global warming, governments, great thinkers, human empires, human history, human rights, music, philosophy, politics, poverty, real estate, religion, science, social issues, sports and war.

Every subject takes time to learn. It is a never-ending process. We all start off subject ignorant. When you gather various bits of information about any subject for the first time, it is difficult to comprehend the significance of each piece and how they connect to one another. But, if you process the information long enough with focused thought; you will eventually arrive at some level of understanding. If you continue to expand the base of that understanding, you will have what is considered a level of knowledge about the subject. Processing knowledge long and deep enough should lead to wisdom and if you continue further you may even reach enlightenment. Let’s assume you have reached the level of enlightenment with the specific subject you have pursued. The reward is that you know more than most because you have gone beyond that which is on the road previously paved by others. If you have done this with one subject, it is a testament to your perseverance and you will be honored as an ‘expert’ on the subject. But the reality is, you still have limited information on a host of other topics.

We all have something to contribute and we all need to feel valued for the contributions made.

This book is written with the hope that my generation will see some reflection in their lives and remember that the
journey is not over until the message passed on, as legacy, is a vast improvement over the one received.



About the Author
The author was born in Canada in 1946. He is the first born of six children raised in a working class family. He began writing at the age of fourteen to express his feelings. His creative writing has been the basis of his communication ever since. He now resides in California.



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