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The Mysteries of Nuorg by Chris McCollum

The Mysteries of Nuorg

by Chris McCollum

350 pages
A captivating sequel to "The Land of Nuorg".

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
This second book in The Great Forest series finds The Land of Nuorg inching closer to a possible invasion. Invaders are plotting strategies and wreaking havoc as they plan to attack through newly formed cracks in Nuorg's defenses.


One small group of friends has been given instructions that, if successful, can guarantee Nuorg’s survival and protect the lands above from the evils conspiring against them. Mystic, Vincen, Bubba, Lightning and Frederick are back to do their part.


Among the new players are a fierce bow-wielding Princess, a solemn African King and numerous other creatures mysteriously thrown together for this next adventure. By trusting each other and following their hearts, can the friends achieve more than hoped for? Is yet another stage set for the battle between good and evil?


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About the Author
Chris McCollum lives with his family in Franklin, Tennessee. A longtime fan of wordsmiths, he has spent the better part of his life crafting words into some form or another as a published song writer or simply writing short stories, bedtime stories, anecdotes and poems.



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