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Coven by Tony Ruggiero


by Tony Ruggiero

346 pages
Coven—the story of a small town and the secrets it possesses.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Putnam is a small town just like the thousands of other small towns across the country. This one is the home for many people who have sought to escape the pressures of big cities for a friendlier and slower paced lifestyle; a lifestyle that also brings certain freedoms. These freedoms include the Wiccan traditions, witches, and the use of magick. The coven members of the town council use their magick in positive ways to help the town prosper...until the murder of one of their shop owners.

As the town council searches for the truth behind the mysterious death, they uncover disturbing secrets about the warlock, an ostracized coven member, and their own coven leader, making it unclear which one may have been involved in the use of black magick and murder. Meanwhile Bob Whitworth, a man attempting to escape his own nightmares of the past takes possession of the recently vacated shop and he unknowingly purchases a talisman created to control his actions, specifically to have him commit murder.

Chief of Police Martin Daniels uncovers information that Bob didn't pick this town at random, but was summoned by witchcraft either by their own coven leader or the mysterious warlock. Either way, Bob becomes a vital part in a race to end the mystery which may cost him his life and banish him to servitude in the underworld of the dead.



About the Author
Tony Ruggiero seeds his unique characters into current world events and the “what if” scenario. From his witches in Coven, to his vampires in the Team of Darkness series, and his space opera of Alien Deception. He has also amused short story readers with his collection: Humans Need Not Apply.



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