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Dawn of the Solar System by David Harbaugh

Dawn of the Solar System

by David Harbaugh

122 pages
Proof of Earth's origin in the Asteroid Belt.

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Category: Science
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About the Book
Amazing astronomical discoveries were made by Nicolaus Copernicus and Johannes Kepler before Galileo Galilei first looked thru a telescope. Copernicusí theory removed the Earth from the center of the universe. Kepler searched for a harmony of the spheres in an attempt to find order in the structure of our Solar System. Keplerís evaluations were made before the discovery of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the Asteroid Belt.

Utilizing a Computer Aided Design program and NASA planetary data the author was re-evaluating Keplerís assessments when he doodled upon his own discovery. There is a hidden order of the planets still evident today that dates from the Dawn of the Solar System. Geometric discoveries are followed by numerical examinations and mathematical analysis leading to Harbaughís Formula. Harbaughís Hypothesis unlocks a secret that allowed life to develop on Earth.



About the Author
David Harbaugh has always been fascinated by the wonders of our universe. He enjoys mathematical puzzles, has a background in drafting and holds a patent on a three dimensional puzzle. A self-proclaimed system analyst, he spends too much time on his computer but has solved his biggest puzzle yet.



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