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Selling to International Markets by Patrika Vaughn

Selling to International Markets

by Patrika Vaughn

121 pages
21st century techniques for gaining global markets and loyal customers.

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About the Book
Every company, organization and corporation on the planet must gear up in some way to deal with the breathless growth and change we are all undergoing today. Now there is a book that shows how to gain the competitive edge in today's global economy.

"Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, service provider or government entity, you either are or soon will be affected by global competition. Someone is out there inventing a process, product or service that could make you obsolete overnight, and you know it. You may even know what that process/product/service will focus on, yet not have the slightest idea what you should be doing about it. It's a problem waiting to happen in the 21st Century.'

So begins Selling to International Markets, which details today's new communications methods and how you can use them to create business opportunities instead of problems in the 21st Century.

Beginning with new trends in communications, this well-grounded book goes on to discuss options old and new and how they can be adapted to your business. Should you have a website? Online newsletter or e-zine? Offer Electronic Marketing, Internet Chats to clients and browsers? Join related news and discussion groups online? What about Internet phoning, video conferencing, real audio and credit card ordering?

The pros and cons of each communications tool is presented in down-to-earth language, followed by a list of questions to ask yourself in order to determine if you are ready for the inevitable growth and change ahead.

Technology is no longer an enabler but a driver of change. Selling to International Markets provides the information executives need to use technology to achieve the vision of their organization, whether an established bricks-and-mortar, a government agency, or a new Internet-enabled business. The size of your organization doesn't matter. Small retail and service shops are as vulnerable as the largest corporate giants -- though findings indicate that the fastest growing firms in Europe and the US are the smaller ones. All of you have become information providers, and it has become necessary to provide that information at a faster and faster clip.

This e-book shows executives and business owners how to get the most out of technology in terms of customer relationships. It helps leaders of organizations gain the critical IT knowledge essential for a competitive edge in today's Internet economy.

The author poses the following questions:
1. What kind of products/services will satisfy my customers' wants/needs in five years?
2. What trends are forming in my industry?
3. Who are the movers and shakers, and what are they saying?
4. Who can I identify right now as potential competition?

She then explains how you can find answers to these questions, then determine which communications tools will best achieve your specific goals.

Written by communications expert Patrika Vaughn who has lectured from Florida to Finland, this book will help you determine where you are in today's competitive race,l then guide you to those changes that are appropriate for your continued business success.



About the Author
Patrika Vaughn - Marketing and PR consultant, professional writer and ghostwriter. Her works have appeared in more than 100 national publications. She is listed in THE INTERNATIONAL AUTHORS AND WRITER'S WHO'S WHO. She now lectures, conducts seminars, and consults internationally to business, industry, and non-profit orporations on global marketing.



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