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Taking Out The Trash by Antonia Ragozzino

Taking Out The Trash

by Antonia Ragozzino

108 pages
Taking out your trash after divorce and finding love again

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Meet Ella, an old-fashioned Italian girl naïve to anything outside of her perfect bubble. Ella was in her late twenties when her marriage and perfect world fell apart. The only thing she ever hated to do was take out the trash.

Ella is on her quest for finding love again in this hilarious tale of a scorned girl who thought dating after divorce was as simple as going out, finding a man and getting married again. Not that easy!

As she painfully wheels her trashcans down the driveway every Thursday night, she tosses each man she meets along with all of their rubbish. She realizes, finding a new man is not going to make her happy, but taking out her own trash will. As she takes out her own trash she realizes that she has to be happy with herself before she can love anyone else again.

But is finding love easy after divorce? Live this hilarious tale with Ella as she chronicles her stories of life after divorce. You will be waiting for her to take the trash out in each chapter in order to find out what she gets into next!


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    After Ella's divorce, in “Taking Out The Trash,” Ella believes she is cured from the thought that she has to have a new man, fast! Now, Ella believes she does not NEED a man but she still desperately WANTS a man! She continues to pile up her personal trash with men and drama! Ella keeps packing up garbage bags because garbage in is garbage out!


About the Author
Antonia Ragozzino Antonia Ragozzino is the fresh new author of this first published book of a series of Taking Out The Trash tales. She is a professional writer, a developmental skills trainer for a large media company, as well as an adjunct professor for a Connecticut university. Antonia Ragozzino resides in Connecticut.



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