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SynSleep by William Mason Slater


by William Mason Slater

296 pages
SynSleep is romantic fiction with elements of a medical thriller.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
The two couples are very close--do everything together. Well, almost everything, adultery is never considered. They love their spouses too much for that.

Arc is an anesthesiologist, his wife Maria, is a part-time nurse who mostly takes care of their home and two kids. Rick, sells big earthmovers, and is away a lot. His wife, Cindy loves her job as a high school biology teacher. On several occasions, people have mistakenly assumed Arc and Cindy are together and Rick and Maria are a couple. Even Maria said she thought Arc and Cindy should be together, that she and Arc were mismatched. Rick and Maria, are low tech, people-people. Arc the likable nerd, loves science. Cindy is the same, and is exceptionally beautiful, intelligent, and personable. “I didn’t know you could be all three,” Maria had said. Cindy stands out, anywhere. Except for having to cope with the occasional problem that comes with her stunning looks, life is easy for Cindy. She thinks she has made only one mistake of consequence in her life.

Perhaps God thinks Arc and Cindy should be together, too. Maria is killed in an accident that sends Arc into the lugubrious Michigan winter, when only occasional times with Cindy lets the sun shine.

An obsessed man released from a California prison heads for Michigan. He thinks the cause of all his problems, and they have been myriad and incessant, is his wife’s leaving him. That is the “what,” and if he can find the “why,” it follows that he will repair their relationship, and life will be as it was. But the “why” is beyond him, and he is stuck on the “what,” and it is driving him crazy. Thoughts of her leaving have become all consuming, giving him “brain-whine” and there is nothing else. Then he learns about closure, and knows what he must do.



About the Author
William, Slater, MD, anesthesiologist of thirty-five years, spent eighteen years living along Lake Michigan's shore. He loves sailing, scuba diving, wide-open spaces, his Harley, reading, writing, mathematics, and his Martin-D41. He and his wife have three boys, triplet girls, and a dog named Lucky.



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