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Irrepressible Conflict by Chandler Tedholm

Irrepressible Conflict

by Chandler Tedholm

204 pages
Murder and intrigue as the U.S. hurtles toward Civil War.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
October 1859 -- The murder of a mysterious Negro woman and rumors of a dreaded slave uprising draw Byron Giles and his companions to a remote town in western Virginia, where strange and violent events unleash long-simmering resentments between North and South.

Irrepressible Conflict appeals to history buffs and mystery fans alike. Populated by historical figures major and minor, the fictional mystery takes place in a meticulously researched historical framework, where events unfold as they would to a contemporary observer.

Irrepressible Conflict is the first in a series of adventure/mysteries depicting a de-mythologized, behind-the-lines narrative of the rise and fall of the Confederacy.


... thrilling and thoughtful.... This is the sort of historical fiction that humanizes history.
- Nan Hawthorne, Historical Novels Society



About the Author
After 35 years of recovery from an education in literary criticism, Chandler Tedholm figured out how to write again. Now he can offer readers the fruits of his twin passions for history and storytelling. Chandler has two very accomplished children, and currently resides in New Jersey.



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