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How to Write a Mystery Novel by Gene Grossman

How to Write a Mystery Novel

by Gene Grossman

212 pages
How to write a successful series of mystery novels

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About the Book
After more than 20 years as a successful criminal trial lawyer and law school instructor of legal writing, Gene Grossman used the knowledge and experience gained from both disciplines - plus his devotion to yachting, to create the popular 15-book series of Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries, featuring the adventures of a mediocre criminal attorney practicing law from his boat/office in Marina del Rey, California.

If you’ve ever contemplated writing a mystery (or series) of your own, you will find this book a valuable aid because it reveals Gene's thought processes as he created the series, and provides you with valuable information that will help you with your own writing efforts.

Some of the most useful tips included in this book are things NOT to do, with respect to mystery writing, like allowing the detective to solve a case by using information that the reader was not privy to.

Positive insider tips included discuss subjects like selecting names for the characters, creating a title for the book that will be relevant to the story and also attractive to search engines, publishing, printing, marketing, distribution, prime importance of your first paragraph and first chapter, creating a page-turner, the ‘sidekick,’ adding suspense, and much, much more.

The book also contains first chapters from many of his Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries, so you can see that Gene practices what he preaches, especially an important book marketing strategy: if all you write is one book, that’s all the readers will buy. But if you write a series and ‘plug’ the entire series in each book, then that same person who only buys one book becomes a prospective customer for all the other titles in your series.

Full details about Gene's Peter Sharp Legal Mystery series can be seen at - so make sure that you also create a website for your literary creation, because unless your name is J.K. Rowling, the book/s you write will not market themselves



About the Author
Gene Grossman After a successful career as a criminal trial lawyer, Gene Grossman created the popular 15-book series of Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries, now being distributed internationally in print, e-book and audiobook versions and described at



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