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Top 10 Myths of Selling by Jim Omlid

Top 10 Myths of Selling

by Jim Omlid

134 pages
Helping technology professionals succeed in the sales environment

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About the Book
Many of today’s top entrepreneurs are technology experts who learned how to excel in the sales environment. If you’re like many engineers, designers and consultants I know, you’d like to know more about the sales process, where you fit in, and how you can be more effective in the sales effort; and you’d like to do this without going to sales school! That’s what this book is all about.

The Top 10 Myths of Selling gives you a powerful combination of insight and skills not available in any other book:
You get insight into the ten most common myths of selling and how believing in any one of these myths can cause you to inadvertently kill your next sale! You’ll see how this can happen, how to prevent it from happening to you and how you can help close more sales!

You'll learn how to determine where your client is in their buying process, how to develop sales objectives and how to support the sales objectives with specific technical contributions. You learn how to plan and deliver those technical contributions that help advance the sales process, set up for the close and when the time is right, to close the sale!

You get a full complement of skills and techniques that will help you improve your performance in the sales environment. You’ll learn the elements of a great presentation, how to design and deliver a truly great demo that differentiates you from the competition and closes more business! You learn rules of sales call etiquette, and how to develop an improved dialogue with your clients.

The Top 10 Myths of Selling gives you greater understanding of how companies buy, and how sales people sell. You get techniques for improving relationships with your sales team members, management and your clients. With the Top 10 Myths of Selling, you will be more valuable to your sales team and your clients; you will have improved career options as a result.



About the Author
Jim Omlid is an educator and consultant specializing in coaching and training technology professionals who work in the sales environment. With experience in technical, sales and management roles, Jim has developed unique insights and methods designed to help non-sales professionals improve their performance and advance their careers.



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