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Point Deception by Jim Gilliam

Point Deception

by Jim Gilliam

318 pages
Suspense thriller, packed full of criminal activities, and military action.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
WINNER - Texas Association of Authors 2012 Best Fiction Award

FINALIST - Thriller category - National Indie Excellence Awards 2012

HONORABLE MENTION - General Fiction category - New York Beach Book Festival 2012

SECOND PLACE - SILVER MEDAL - Stars and Flags 2012 Historical Fiction category

Surviving the mean streets of New Orleans in 1956, young Tim Kelly begins a young Indiana Jones style adventure by lying about his age to join the Coast Guard at fourteen.

Almost a decade later, Kelly transfers to San Francisco where he immediately runs afoul of his new executive officer. In lieu of a court martial Kelly volunteers for combat duty in Vietnam where three of his friends are killed in a friendly fire incident. Deeply mourning the loss of his friends, he releases his rage in an Air Force officer's club and is punished with a less than honorable discharge.

Back in the U. S. Kelly embarks on a new career as an undercover narcotics agent, entering the shadow world of drug and human trafficking sponsored by his old friend and mentor Rodolfo Guzman, a kingpin in the powerful Campeche drug cartel. His failure to check in with his handler alerts a team of Texas lawmen who embark on an illegal, clandestine, armed incursion into the sovereign territory of Mexico to either rescue Tim or recover his body. It is a bold and dangerous plan. Not even the most elite units of the Mexican federal police dared attack Rodolfo Guzman's hacienda--a renegade state within a state that did not answer to the Mexican government.

Will the rescue team arrive in time?

Jim Gilliam's novel moves like a freight train through a tight, spellbinding storyline. An engaging and fast-paced suspense thriller, Point Deception is a riveting page-turner, based on true events.


Jim Gilliamís debut novel Point Deception is part tribute to military heroes, part historical military fiction, part fictionalized autobiography, part thriller, and wholly captivating and powerful. It is an enjoyable read and suspenseful page-turning thriller, but its true strength lies in Gilliamís accurate rendering of military life and ability to create the ultimate protagonist.

Point Deception chronicles protagonist Tim Kelly, who joins the Coast Guard at the tender age of 14, thrusting him into the harsh life of combat, loss, and the range of emotions that accompany them.

The depth of character in Tim Kelly, whose inner turmoil, range of emotions, and conflicting values and attitudes are so artfully profiled adds greatly to the strength of the novel, creating a strong protagonist who battles with his own flaws, simultaneously rebellious and heroic.

- Todd Rutherford
An exposed undercover agent awaits rescue and recalls his past in this ambitious cross between a coming-of-age tale and a period thriller.

Gilliam's debut novel could be described as three-in-one. It opens with undercover narcotics agent Tim Kelly being discovered by Rodolfo Guzman, his longtime surrogate father and the drug kingpin he has agreed to betray.

Kelly is a throwback to the spirit of Horatio Alger, a young man capable of almost anything through sheer gumption. Everything comes naturally to him, his only weakness being his temper, which makes him not the most original protagonist, but still an endearing one.

Plenty of fast-paced action that tries to cover too much ground.
- Kirkus Review
Even in dishonorable discharge, there is still a goodness in a soldier. "Point Deception" tells the story of Tim Kelly, who becomes deeply embroiled in Mexico's drug cartels and faces certain death as they enclose around him. Awaiting rescue that just may not com, author Jim Gilliam puts together a fun and fast paced thriller of corruption on many levels in the world. "Point Deception" is a solid addition to thriller collections.
- Midwest Book Review
Point Deception opens to undercover cop Tim Kelly's adventure as Kelly's life hangs on the line in the secluded hacienda of a Mexican cartel drug lord.... This novel has a strict, no-frills and no-nonsense approach to storytelling.... Obviously the author draws from a deep reservoir of experience and the book is all the richer for it. The creator's comfort with military and law enforcement jargon gives the book a raw feel and sense of immediacy. Overall, Point Deception is an interesting novel that draws its rapid-fire pace from real life scenarios that are complex, disturbing, and touching, making this thriller an engaging production...
- San Francisco Book Review
A New Voice for Intrigue Novels... Gilliam's writing style is raw and gritty and he manages to move his rather complex interwoven stories within stories with surprising skill for a first novelist.
- Grady Harp, Los Angeles, CA
Jim Gilliam has created a ďmust readĒ book for those who enjoy action packed military and law enforcement novels. He has a unique style that will set him apart as a refreshing written voice in the myriad of similar genre works. Point Deception would play out perfectly as a block-buster movie given the publicís insatiable appetite for heroes with character flaws, going against all odds to achieve a socially beneficial outcome. In fact, I canít wait for the sequel!
- Barbara Miller, Pacific Book Review



About the Author
Like his protagonist, author Jim Gilliam ran away from home and joined the Coast Guard at fourteen. He has recently retired from the Navy's Military Sealift Command and is currently writing the sequel to his novel. He lives with his wife Laura in Warwick, New York.



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