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Facilitating Interpersonal Skills-Based Training Groups by Darin Phillips, PhD CPT

Facilitating Interpersonal Skills-Based Training Groups

by Darin Phillips, PhD CPT

45 pages
Facilitating Skills-Based Training Groups' is a super introduction to the creation of effective lesson plans by the well-reknowned Darin Phillips. This text can be used during your Train the Trainer course or as a tool when planning group counseling sessions. True to form, Darin has included a large collection of activities for use in your own lesson plans.

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Category: Education
About the Book
Twenty-eight activities and all of the questions necessary to create a great lesson plan for training, counseling, or teaching are rolled up into this classic book by Darin Ulmer.
As an introduction to instructional design or as a classic reference book, this will find its way off of your shelf more than most of the resource or activity books that you may have collected over the years!

This classic text contains:

The theoretical background for why these lesson plans work when teaching specific skills
tons of questions to ensure that your create a program that meets the ergonomic, political, and educational needs of your participants
warnings about the dangers of using music to warm up groups
11 fun and engaging Ice Breakers
4 effective closing activities
a full 12-week group counseling agenda for angry 6th grade boys as an example
the keys to success when creating a lesson plan
This text is perfect for teaching basic instructional design to subject matter experts (SME's) that are expected to teach a class, reminding teachers of the critical elements of a learning objective, learning several new activities to use in your training or counseling programs, and for completing an in-depth needs assessment. It is a quick and easy read filled with so many tips and tools that you will want to make sure your peers end up getting copies for themselves instead of constantly taking this one off of your desk.



About the Author
Darin Phillips, PhD CPT

Darin Ulmer spent ten years counseling youth and families in Montgomery County, Texas before turning to a life of corporate training. Many of the critical skills required to put together an effective group counseling program turned out to be the same skills that led to effective training classes. This book brings together the lessons from both worlds and will help the subject matter expert create effective lessons as much as it will help the person that replaced Darin and must now facilitate the 12-week program for 6th grade boys that make up the Activities section of this book.



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