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The Xilver Series: The Sword of Völundr by Russel Zenarosa

The Xilver Series: The Sword of Völundr

by Russel Zenarosa

421 pages
A fantasy adventure story for all ages, especially teenagers.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Xilver Green is a lone youth with a troublesome past. After his hometown had been besieged by a tyrannous ruler, he sought seclusion on the isolated mountains, patiently waiting for the war to be over before returning to civilization.

But when a battle takes place on the valley of the mountains, he is caught into the skirmish, which forces him to seek refuge in another province.

In that one event, he is whisked away from his secluded life, and he is eventually captured, believed to be an enemy scout. A chain of occurrences unwinds, and, ultimately, he finds himself entangled with the conflicts of the war.

The Sword of Völundr is a riveting tale about freedom, fate, and vengeance. Set in the mythical land of Solumithia, where many mystical creatures roam, Xilver goes on a quest to find a legendary sword from Viking mythology, which is the key to helping him earn his freedom.

As his quest unfolds, he learns that the battle on the mountains was more significant and momentous than he had previously thought, and he meets up with others who have also been a part of it, and have been linked together since that fateful night.



About the Author
The Sword of Völundr is the first full-length novel by Russel Zenarosa. It was inspired by his love of fantasy. Fueled by his active imagination and his personal outlook on the world, his writing aims to deliver the most entertainment through diversed characters, plot, and the occasional quirky humour.



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