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From Fear To Love: Transforming Revelation by David Brubaker

From Fear To Love: Transforming Revelation

by David Brubaker

180 pages
Revolutionary view of Revelation: spiritual growth guide, no doomsday predictions.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
This book is a revolutionary explanation of the book of Revelation as a serious resource for spiritual growth, not a book of doomsday predictions. The God of love is not plotting doomsday!

A story of past, present, and future ("the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter" - Rev. 1:19), Revelation is an epic of our growing spiritual consciousness.

Revelation's main theme is spiritual growth and change, from ancient beliefs in a God who is angry, vengeful, destructive, and fearsome to belief in a God of love who is concerned for the well-being of His children. It explores big spiritual questions such as the nature of God, the human situation, our relationship with God, and our destiny. The answers to those questions change as the story progresses from traditional fear-based beliefs to Jesus' teachings of love and how we can realize Jesus' love in the world.

Here are some of the mysteries that this book solves:

- Why every generation thinks that theirs is the one when Revelation will be fulfilled.

- Why the martyrs of God do such a seemingly un-Christian thing as calling for revenge.

- How John of Patmos (Revelation's author) knew, even in the first century, that the second coming of Christ was not soon going to interrupt the flow of history, in contrast to almost all other early Christians who expected it "any day now."

- How marvelous and brilliant some of John's symbols are. For example, his description of the beast from the sea reads like a page of gibberish and nonsense, but after you know the meaning, the gibberish transforms into smoothly flowing and sensible prose.

- The distinct meanings of all six antichrist figures-the dragon, the beast from the sea, the beast from the land, the false prophet, Babylon, and Satan himself.

- And many more.



About the Author
David Brubaker is a life-long spiritual seeker who has studied Revelation for 45+ years. He holds a BA in mathematics and an MA in consciousness studies.



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