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Among Other Edens by Guinevere Edern

Among Other Edens

by Guinevere Edern

320 pages
A paranormal fantasy romance about a storytelling emotion-sucking vampire.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Murder, lies, suicide, and betrayal. Evelyn Edern kicks back a fistful of sleeping pills, but instead of death a voice haunts her existence. "Your dreams are my survival." There is an entity, the Storyteller, in Evelyn Edern's head and it's unearthing a past best forgotten. Is she mad, or are her thoughts just pure evil? Now she must walk into darkness, fearing none of it. The Storyteller is here now, green eyes laying claim to her soul. God help her, she loves this darkness. In every sleep, a little death....

"Bend your blood to my mouth."

And he does, yielding toward my urge to take the blood that comes. I push further, his blood, warm, taking my mouth, my tongue, my chin, and the flesh of my neck, and I am so thankful he gives himself to me like this. In flesh, in blood, in my mouth, into my throat and into my soul at last, flowing, streaming into me.

And I drink, I drink, and he pushes me closer to him, holding me captive to his release, the pressure of his stare urging me to take this vital fluid. And I do. God forgive me but I want this and tilt his head slightly, better access there. I swallow each essential drop as it leaves his body, entering mine in a long, slow drink.

Removing the hand from its position at the back of my head, he traces a pathway down the side of my neck, slow to my shoulders where it rests, grazing the surface of my skin, and splintering white light through the blackness. The other hand lies against my breastbone, massaging that strip of flesh running between. He is reaching in and in, searching for, finding, and finally touching my soul.



About the Author
Guinevere Edern grew up in Liverpool England and trained at the Elliott Clarke Theatre School as a professional actress and dancer. After living dangerously in many countries, Edern divides her time between Virginia, Florida and Liverpool. While in Liverpool, Edern walks Evie's Forbidden Path...



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