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The Joy of Being A Control Freak, the 80/20 Way to a Happy, Healthy & Organized Life by Mary Berg

The Joy of Being A Control Freak, the 80/20 Way to a Happy, Healthy & Organized Life

by Mary Berg

198 pages
Life-changing organizing strategies & how-to's for individuals, large & small businesses.

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About the Book
Are you being defeated by the double demons of DISORDER and CHAOS? Has you daily life deteriorated into a constant state of disarray and discombobulation?

Well, it is time for you to DEFEAT THOSE DEMONS!

The Joy of Being a Control Freak, The 80/20 Way to a Happy, Healthy & Organized Life will do just that.

This book offers a 'CONTROL PANEL' of countless common-sense, tried-and-true principles and strategies to take control of the 80% that we do indeed have control over. And in doing so, make you much more able to deal with the 20% beyond our control.

You will learn how to:

* Control your FOCUS so your priorities and values are well ordered and defined.
* Separate the Wheat from the Chaff, not wasting precious time on the inconsequential.
* Set and attain your Top 5 GOALS via the Ernie Principle. * Spin Plates with aplomb.
* Find a Place for Everything and Put Everything in its Place.
* Tame the fury of the Paper Flurry.
* Put Mary B's Clutter Control techniques to work and find the joy in Good Order.
* Establish a good Health Regimen, and control your BMI for a longer, more joyful life.
* Be Contrary to find a better way to get it done.
* Fulfill those Self-Fulfilling Prophesies.
* Find the Euphoria of Control, naturally.

Plus many, many more ways to achieve CONTROL, and attain a mastery of that all-important 80%. When you do, you will find a peace-of-mind and sense of satisfaction you never thought possible in today's topsy-turvy, mixed-up, crazy world.

So, go for it. The JOY of Being a Control Freak is yours for the very taking.



About the Author
Mary L. Berg was born, raised and educated in Wisconsin, earning her degree from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. After years in the corporated world, she entered the entrepreneurial world as a real estate investor, retail business owner, politcal consultant, organizer, antique dealer and appraiser, and now author. She and her husband live near the St. Croix River, bordering the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.



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