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The Companion by Megan Creel

The Companion

by Megan Creel

332 pages
A historical romance set in the court of Philip II.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Between the Golden Age of Greece and the Grandeur That Was Rome, there was The Rise of Macedonia. In this brief breath of history, the burgeoning kingdom is fighting its way out of chaos and creating the platform for a conquest that will forever change the world. But behind every great king, there are great minds.

Deakon Korydon, officer of the sacred Companion Cavalry and trainer of the greatest military force in history, has grown weary of the diet of constant conquest and hungers for more in life.

Kera Berenyse, ex-princess and political prisoner, was groomed for queendom but lives as a slave in the bathhouse for the entertainment of Royal Officers.

Deake yearns for love, but Kera, of necessity, must shun it. The gods have fated them to be together, but do they possess the courage required to overcome challenges to faith and friendship and win the ultimate battle of loving versus living, to save not only themselves, but the future glory of Macedon?

Lushly described, The Companion breathes new life into the classical era with a sensuality and realism that will leave you breathless, savoring the read well beyond the final page.



About the Author
Megan Creel is an avid collector of conversations and viewpoints, and is most especially fascinated by the actuality of men, as opposed to, or perhaps in contrast with the social construct called "Men". Megan lives in the Texas hill country with her husband and two children.



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