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(C)rock Stories: Million-Dollar Tales of Music, Mayhem and Immaturity by David Brigham

(C)rock Stories: Million-Dollar Tales of Music, Mayhem and Immaturity

by David Brigham

220 pages
Fifteen stories about punk rock, road trips and growing up.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Sometimes punk rock is worth punching your best friend over. Other times punk rock decks you with its righteousness.

The narrator and his friends in this collection of connected stories love punk, indie and classic rock. They go to extreme lengths to defend the bands they love. They form bands and play music in uncomfortable and hostile environments. They mix it up in mosh pits. They question religion, the holier-than-thou attitudes of some bands, and the reasons behind a homeless messiah figure’s grip on a local rock scene.

Is it worth it to slug somebody in order to defend the honor of the Butthole Surfers? Is it wise to tangle with an ex-con in order to reclaim money so you can buy Echo & the Bunnymen tickets? Can a Yankee slacker match wits and fists with a crazed, shotgun-toting Southern punk and her posse? If Fugazi annoys you by stopping their show, and yelling at slam dancers, are you obligated to hate them?

Read this book to find out.

The stories cover all the rock ‘n’ roll themes: love, infatuation, heartbreak, class conflict, death, cutting loose from old friends, fighting the hype around pompous rockers, growing up. And the warm feeling of cheese melting on your face.


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About the Author
Dave Brigham grew up in Connecticut, but has lived in the Boston area for the past 20 years. A stay-at-home dad with two kids, he loves rock 'n' roll, pizza and beer. He is a lifelong member of Red Sox Nation, and a Flaming Lips freak.



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