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Simple Serendipity-Soul Flame by Feketa, D

Simple Serendipity-Soul Flame

by Feketa, D

68 pages
Simple Serendipity-Soul Flame is an interactive spiritual workbook

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Category: Self Help
About the Book
Simple Serendipity-Soul Flame workbook is a collection of thought-provoking activities that will assist the reader in viewing the world through enlightened eyes, discovering inner truth and feeding their soul flame with the passion and actions that support higher self and soul purpose. The workbook will help support answers to the question of; "Is there something more?"

The concepts throughout the workbook are simple to read and understand and are designed to provide only enough information to produce meaning, stimulate thought and invite insight. The workbook is designed to encourage the seeking out of other truths and information that are part of the discovery and unfolding of the reader's individual journey.

How the reader utilizes this workbook is at their discretion. Some will have great insights on topics, some will be reminded and refreshed of that which they already know, and some will rejoice in the random insights individually received throughout the pages. Readers may involve family, children and friends. Whatever direction that is taken is correct, as all is designed to help the reader discover more of who they are, how they see the world around them and how fulfilled they are on their journey in life.



About the Author
Deborah Feketa gew up in the small town of Clinton, NY.
Simple Serendipity-Soul Flame is the workbook that was created out of spiritual enlightenment. The workbook relates to the manifestation of the future Healing Center: Simple Serendipity. A place where all may come to find their truth.



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