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Good People by Steven K. Meyers

Good People

by Steven K. Meyers

194 pages
New novel joyfully dissects New York's hottest 1980s comedy club.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
The Gag Reflex rules as New York’s hottest comedy club, hosting all the new young talent, when Rolling Stone proclaims, “Comedy is the rock and roll of the Eighties!”

Seizing the zeitgeist, club owner Rex Black charges ahead on all fronts to grow what some might call a dive into a global entertainment empire. Not only does he try to sell stock in it, he scouts new clients, appeases his Mafioso landlord (without actually paying the rent), builds new clubs, oversees his new superstar singer's affair with her record producer, performs a dog-and-pony show for investors all over town, pitches private placements in tony Tuxedo Park, and plays chicken with Madonna in a Central Park running lane.

A circle of talented young people joins in chasing Rex’s dreams, including his devoted wife, Perri; Ashley, his blue-blooded club booker; irrepressible Joey (A&R, for the empire's music side); bar manager Conor and, as his own assistant, Conor’s partner, Michael. Wall Street titan Siggy Brewster meanwhile handles his IPO. Circling them all, her fin hardly breaking the waves, sniffing for the blood she senses will soon dye the waters—and desperate for her break—is comedian Rosetta Stone.

In the tradition of Theodore Dreiser, Steven K. Meyers examines a particular business in a particular time and place in order to plumb the powers and limits of the American appetite. Fast and funny, incisive and heartfelt, Good People sums up an era of greed and surreal ambition.


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About the Author
Steven K. Meyers Steven K. Meyers, born on a farm in western Colorado, became underbutler of Caramoor, the great Westchester County estate, at 17. Later he graduated from City College of New York (Ward Medal in Greek) and worked in the comedy club business at its 1980s height. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky.



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