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THE STORYTELLERS: Anterria - Book One by Rebecca McKinsey

THE STORYTELLERS: Anterria - Book One

by Rebecca McKinsey

230 pages
"That kind of imagination is why we're not dead."

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Hannah Merchant, a bold girl of sixteen, was never one to spend her time wishing, or so people thought. She wished every day for things to change: the place she didn't belong, the people who wanted her to be someone else. Her greatest wish was that she could be the only thing she really wanted to be a storyteller. On the day of the year that seemed the least hopeful the Jamison's fancy New Year's Eve party lightning struck, and Hannah's world melted away. She followed the man who saved her life, into a new reality of strange stars, dark forests, and an impossible train that could make her wildest dreams come true.

But with the dream comes a nightmare, and new responsibilities that stretch the limit of her mind and body. An ancient crime is uncovered, along with the frightening ability of the criminal. The Shadow, having yet to complete his dark design on the cosmos, finds a new pair of Heroes with which to contend.


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About the Author
Rebecca McKinsey is a freelance novelist who was born in a town, raised in the country, and is living in the city, but spends most of her time in places that don't exist. She is a lover of words and drinker of tea but, most notably, a storyteller.



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