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About Life by Vo Nhan

About Life

by Vo Nhan

282 pages
A spiritual adventure that tackles the biggest questions in life.

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
This book is about a spiritual Don Quixote. It is a story of an average man who dares to ask and struggles to answer the biggest questions in life. Many of the questions have been answered before, yet the most basic and fundamental moral questions, “What is a good person?”, “How can I be a good person?”, and “Why should I be a good person?” still have not been resolved. The book examines the reasons for this situation, discusses the religious and social crises resulting from it, and attempts to provide some solutions. The grandiose nature of such a task might seem at odds with the ordinariness of the author. What qualifies him to write about these complex issues? A rough life: being brainwashed by Communists, escaping from Viet Nam without his family, fighting to survive in refugee camps, and adapting to a new life in America. No matter what life throws at him, the author faces each adventure head on, with the spirit of a restless seeker. As he struggles to understand the meaning of life, he confronts the ultimate question, "What is real happiness?", and stumbles upon its answer at an intensive meditation retreat.



About the Author
Vo Nhan was born in Viet Nam and immigrated to the US at 17. He currently lives in Baton Rouge with his wife and three children.



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