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Love Games: The Hidden Rules of Relationship by Thomas Jones

Love Games: The Hidden Rules of Relationship

by Thomas Jones

348 pages
A manual for the creation and maintenance of love relationships.

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
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About the Book
Love Games is an exciting journey through the ever-evolving nature of romance. From the origins of relationships to the present state of love, Thomas M Jones acts as our compassionate tour guide as he explores this magical, mythical, and often mysterious pursuit of love partnership. Through revealing excerpts from his own counseling sessions, Jones illuminates the games and positions that we find ourselves in. We see ourselves in the roles that are exposed. Whether we perceive ourselves as the “Caretaker” or the “Free Spirit”, these roles are explored and examined, as we discover the underlying strategies and programming that creates these personas.

Love relationship cannot exist without conflict; however, conflict has great spiritual value and it does not show up in a vacuum. This manual guides us through the inevitable disconnects that occur in ways that we can resolve these conflicts and actually grow as a couple as we do so. We are taught to play the games of love and the meta-game that informs this arena.

In an easy non-judgmental way, every manipulation is uncovered and explored; the whys and wherefores of our positioning in relationship are made clear as we learn to identify what we are really trying to achieve.

The old paradigm of romantic love is explained and illuminated while making way for a new model of “conscious loving”. By myth busting and debunking the superstitious beliefs that have ruled modern day love, Love Games creates a pathway for a new set of agreements and understandings based on what we truly want and need from each other. This book, section by section, is a roadmap to practical partnership based on truth and accuracy, evolving much the same as relationship evolves.

Whether we are looking for love, or in one stage or another of a love relationship, this book is a must read. It offers a simple set of useful tools to find our way to getting the authentic love that we want. Through a series of exercises at the end of each chapter we are systematically taught what works and what does not work in love, and why this is so.

Love Games dispels the old model, the myth and chivalry of “falling in love” and creates the new template in powerful and intelligent ways. It is the beginning of a new conversation about partnership that is long overdue. When we understand the dynamics in play in love relationships and every kind of partnership, we have new, powerful choices in how we participate. Based on clarity and understanding we gain insider knowledge into the inner workings of love.

Love Games: The Hidden Rules of Relationship is an unerring treasure map leading us to the greatest prize that we seek.



About the Author
Thomas M Jones is a psychotherapist in practice for over two decades. He is a motivational teacher in the fields of relationships and conflict resolution. His current book, Love Games describes a new paradigm of "conscious loving", a mix of the spiritual and the practical, giving his students tools to sustain transformation.



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