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Court Jester: The Making of a Comedian by Mark Sweeney

Court Jester: The Making of a Comedian

by Mark Sweeney

346 pages
Comedy, humor

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Category: Entertainment:Humor
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About the Book
Court Jester is the story of Mark Sweeney, professional comedian, a 20-year veteran of the comedy road and the funniest guy in his price range.

These are stories detailing the rise from a young class clown to a grown man flourishing in the lower middle class. As the oldest of six children, one learns how to get attention or withers on the vine. Most of the attention wasn’t “good” attention, but that mattered little.

Surviving high school in the seventies was no easy task, but it was accomplished, barely. What to do with a life so unplanned? Join the Marines, that’s what. The boot camp experience is re-created here in horrifying clarity, for maybe the first time since Full Metal Jacket. After boot camp, most of the Marine Corps years were spent traveling the globe and having drinks with many new friends.

After graduating college and a twelve year stint behind the bar slinging cocktails, it seemed time to grow up. Instead, I went to “open mic” and forever changed destiny. There are numerous tales of adventure and world espionage in those early years as well as some great parties. Life on the road is captured here in all its magnificent glory; the laughing, the loving, the driving, the crying. It’s all in here, join me.



About the Author
Mark Sweeney is a 20 year comedy veteran and a former Marine. He's been seen on Comedy Central, Short Attention Span Theater, Days of Our Lives, Boston Public and Third Rock from the Sun. He's worked his magic for audiences from Duluth to Belize to Kandahar.



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